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Saturday, February 14, 2009


I gained a lot of knowledge from my last trip to the V.A. hospital. Since I am 20 pounds overweight a specialists was assigned to see me and discuss weight loss.

One shocking thing he told me was that exercising alone will not help me lose weight. Now me being an athlete all my life exercise was a part Of my everyday life.. I picked his brain enough to find out that the food intake has to do more with weight gain than what type of food one eats and sitting on the couch all day does..

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Let's say you eat breakfast at 7AM.....if by 10AM your not extremely hungry that means you over ate at breakfast. The psychology behind it is that you are suppose to eat enough to get you to the next meal. Over eating causes the body to store the fuel from the foods.

Exercising and cutting down the amount of times you eat will cause the brain to think the body is being starved. The brain will then remember your weight at the time you cut down. The first chance it gets, the brain will try and restore the body's fuel(fat) to normal or to where it left off at before the "diet". That's why people gain and lose weight all the time. To lose weight and to keep it off you have to eat in small portions. It doesn't matter what you eat as long as it's every three hours.

The most body fat is burned when you wait one hour after you realize that you are hungry. That one hour wait will burn fat off of your body regardless what you are doing.

Then if you eat just enough to get you to the next meal( usually every 3 hours) without any snacks, what so ever, in between, YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. Also it is less stress on the body's organs.

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